5 thoughts on “CSIR NET 2018J Complete Solution

  1. Hi brother

    In question no 98 99 CSIR June 2018
    In 98 after using lebnitz rules second time we have (2times lamda) instead (lamda+ 1 )

    In 99 you choose particular lamda =1
    After finding General solution for Lamda equal to 49 we get infinity
    Please check I am not sure but during solution we find this miskate in unit 3


    1. Q98. We took phi(x) common, then it becomes lamda+1, not due to differentiation. Although differentiation is taken with respect to x, not w.r.t lamda.

      Q99. Again look at the question,
      And for lamda>0, it will have the same nature, nature will not changed due to changing value(only Numerical value may changed)


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