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Latest information on upcoming FDPs, STTP, workshops and conferences related to Mathematics. This PAGE is regularly updating, So keep visiting for upcoming events.

To publish your poster on this page regarding Workshops, Conferences, …etc, send your content to email maths.whisperer@gmail.com.

Disclaimer: Verify information at your own label. We cannot give surety about the information shared here. These pieces of information are just sent by different persons(Read More).

Note: Once the program/event is completed or registration closed, we used to remove them within 4 days of completion.

History: This digital notice board for workshops/conferences was started in 2018 by P Kalika.

Upcoming Workshops/Conferences

(Updated On: June 29, 2022)

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πŸ“ŒEvents are arranged in a forthcoming order.

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS: Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Computational and Intelligent Systems

β—† Price: No Publication Charges

Abstract Submission: (Before August 15, 2022) at the link: https://forms.gle/mnv3VkBmJRGmXz5W7

β—† Full Chapter Submission: (Before September 15, 2022) by email at amtacibook@gmail.com

β—† For any query feel free to contact us:
Email: sandeep_math@auts.ac.in
Mobile Numbers: (+91) 90503-300059

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Contribute a chapter to the Open Access book β€˜Fourier Transform and Its Generalizations’

β—† We accept theoretical and applied scientific papers which can be presented as original research papers and review papers. The required length of the full chapters is 10-20 pages.

Octonion Fourier Transform,
Octonion Inversion Octonion Wigner Distribution,
Quaternion Convolution, Quadratic-Phase Convolution LMF Signals,
Plancherel Theorem,
Quadratic-Phase Wigner Distribution,
K-Wigner Distribution Correlation,
Signal Reconstruction Octonion O!set Linear Canonical Transform,

Brochure link: https://t.me/pkalika_mathematics/2321

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Numerical Methods for PDEs: Discretization, Iterative Solution & Parallelization MΓ©thodes numΓ©riques pour les EDP : discrΓ©tisation, solution itΓ©rative, parallΓ©lisation, July to December 2022Β 

More Details: https://www.chairejeanmorlet.com/2022-2-gander-hubert.html

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ The World Meeting for Women in Mathematics β€” (WM)^2 β€” takes place remotely, on July 1st, 2022.

(WM)Β², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, is organized every four years since 2018 by IMU’s CWM as a satellite event of ICM.

More Details: http://2022.worldwomeninmaths.org/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Teacher’s Enrichment Workshop (TEW) on β€œComplex Analysis, Transforms and Numerical Techniques” July 04 – 09, 2022  (Offline mode)

By: Mepco Schlenk Engineering College (Autonomous), Sivakasi

This workshop is aimed primarily at Mathematics teachers at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. While research scholars in Mathematics may also apply. The sessions will be geared towards improving the understanding of the fundamental concepts and results in Complex Analysis, Transforms and Numerical Techniques. The workshop will be an intensive one and only, those who are willing to actively participate and to get their hands dirty by solving problems need apply.

Last date for submission: June 15, 2022.

More Details & Registration: https://www.atmschools.org/school/2022/TEW/catnt

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ DST-SERB Sponsored National Level Workshop on “Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems” on 11.07.2022 to 15.07.2022.

To be conducted by the Department of Mathematics, Government Arts College for Women, Nilakottai, Dindigul, Tamilnadu-624 202

Important Dates
β€’ Last date for submission of online application: 30.06.2022
β€’ Last date to recieve printed application along with enclosures by post: 01.07.2022
β€’ Anouncement of selected participants – 06.07.2022 (tentative)

β—† Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfy6M1zkg1F8TnTjn_kOuNZuv-5qh4A2bx75x-wI7FQeA5mMQ/viewform

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Online FDP on Mathematical Models for Machine Learning and It’s Applications (11th July – 20th July 2022).

β—† Registration Link: https://forms.gle/y9hbeycmBKcHcaEz6
β—† Last date (Application & DD): 09.07.2022
β—† Contact Email: fdp.eict@gmail.com

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ “Summer School on Data Privacy” to be held in the online mode. The school will be held virtually from 11th – 15th July, 2022.

Registration is FREE but mandatory.

Only limited seats are available.

The deadline for registration is 4th July 2022.

For more details:

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Workshop on “Combinatorial Methods in Graph Theory ” during 14th-16th July, 2022 in physical mode.

β—† Last date for registration: May 31st, 2022.

More Details: https://amrita.edu/events/combinatorial-methods-in-graph-theory/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ 27th International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications (ICDEA 2022) during 18 – 22 July, 2022.


Deadline for early registration: April 30, 2022

Deadline for abstract submission: April 30, 2022

Deadline for Special Session submissions: April 30, 2022

Deadline for online registration: June 15, 2022

Financial support

ISDE will provide financial support to graduate students, junior faculty, and ISDE members from developing countries. (Please check the website before applying for financial support)


Email: icdea2022@sciencesconf.org

More Details: https://icdea2022.sciencesconf.org/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Vigyan Vidushi (VV2022) programme on July 19-29, 2022

Application deadline: May 13, 2022

TIFR, Mumbai is organizing a two-week summer school, the Vigyan Vidushi program in Mathematics (VV2022-Mathematics) for Indian women students in mathematics. VV2022-Mathematics will be held at the TIFR Mumbai Campus. The aim of this program is to expose participants to some advanced core topics in mathematics and encourage them to consider research in mathematics as a career option.

More Details: http://www.math.tifr.res.in/vv.html

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ 2nd Short Term Course (STC) on Academic Writing using LaTeX in virtual mode during 26-30 July 2022.

β—† Organized by: Department of Mathematics & Humanities (DoMH), NIT Surat, India.

The aim of this STC is to make the audience adequately skilled to handle all types of formatting of documents, especially when dealing with mathematical expressions.

β—† Registration & Other details: https://sites.google.com/view/2ndstconlatex/home
β—† Last date of registration is 15th July 2022.
β—† For any query, feel free to contact us at: latex2maths.svnit@gmail.com

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Β International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and its Applications(ICMSA-2022) during 28-30 July, 2022.

It will be one of the best platforms for academicians, researchers in the field of Mathematical Sciences and allied areas to share their ideas.
For more information about this conference, please see the attached brochure.
Registration link: https://forms.gle/TKwD4FhhthpeNxob8
Conference Webpage: https://sites.google.com/view/icmsa2022/home
Email: icmsa2022@srtmun.ac.in

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ  5th International Conference On Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis And Computation (ICMMAAC-22), 04-06 August 2022

The 5th International Conference on Mathematical Modelling, Applied Analysis and Computation (ICMMAAC-22) is a specialized conference on mathematical modelling and its applications. The scope of ICMMAAC-22 conference covers theoretic and applied aspects of the various types of mathematical modelling (differential equations, fractional differential equa-tions, distribution functions, fuzzy mathematical models, etc.) for systems of dynamic nature (deterministic, stochastic, continuous, discrete or hybrid with respect to time, etc.), applied anal-ysis and usage of analytical and numerical techniques in handling modern problems of science, engineering and finance. It aims, in particular, at fostering cooperation among practitioners and theoreticians in this field.

Topics Included, but are not limited to:

Fractional calculusAdvanced Analysis
Special FunctionsDifferential Equations
Fluid dynamicsApplied Statistics
Approximation TheoryAutomation
Chaos TheoryRelativity and Cosmology
Circuits and NetworksComplexity Theory
Computational MechanicsComputational Engineering
Continuous ModellingControl Theory
Cyber SecurityDiscrete Mathematics
Dynamical SystemsEvolutionary Computation
Fuzzy Sets and LogicInformation Theory and Coding
Inverse ProblemsMathematical Biology
Mathematical PhysicsMathematical Sociology
Neural NetworksNumerical Analysis
Optimal ControlScientific Computing
System DynamicsApplied Mathematics and Modeling
Artificial IntelligenceBig Data Analytics
Control and RoboticsNumber theory & Cryptography
Discrete GeometryElastodynamics
Financial MathematicsImage/Signal Processing
Mathematical ChemistryMathematical Engineering
Mathematical PsychologyOperations Research
Representation TheorySoft computing

More Details: http://sws.jecrcuniversity.edu.in:81/ICMMAAC-22/INDEX/

Workshop in Ambleside, Lake District, UK, 23-27 August 2022

The theme of the workshop is the study of blocks of group algebras and related algebras defined over local rings. We will explore the challenges and benefits this brings compared to the study of algebras over fields.

The workshop will feature expository talks (2 x 50 minutes each), research talks by the invited speakers (50 minutes), and some shorter contributed talks. Arrival will be on Tuesday 23rd August, with three full days of activities 24-26 August, and departure on the 27th.

Registration: https://sites.google.com/view/ambleside2022/registration

More details: https://sites.google.com/view/ambleside2022/home

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ International Workshop on Applied Nonlinear Analysis (IWANA 2022), on September 5-6, 2022

One of the main purposes of this workshop is to celebrate the 60th birthday of Professor Suomyot Plubtieng, who is the leader and has a great contribution in the area of fixed point theory, Nonlinear Analysis, and optimization with applications to the real-world problems.

This workshop is a celebration of the 60th birthday of Professor Dr. Somyot Plubtieng.

For other details, please click on the given link: https://iwana2022.wordpress.com/ 

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ International Conference on Wavelet Analysis and Graph Theory on
September 15-16th, 2022

Original research papers in all branches of mathematics are invited for presentation in the conference. Papers will be accepted for presentation and publication only after passing the scrutinizing and peer-review process. We solicit high quality original research papers in all branches of mathematics with scope for applications.

Selected papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences / TWMS-Journal of Applied and Engineering Mathematics journals Papers are to be submitted through email to icwagt2022@sastra.ac.in before 25.08.2022.

Registration Fee:
Faculty: Rs 1500
Research Scholars: Rs 1000
UG/PG students: Rs 750
Foreign Delegates: US $30
(inclusive of GST)

More details: https://sastra.edu/ICWAGT2022/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (2022) on 19 –Β 24 Sep 2022 at IISER, Thiruvananthapuram

Last date for submission of forms is 26th Aug, 2022.

Partial Differential Equations(PDEs) play an important role in science and engineering applications, such as the propagation of heat or sound, fluid flow, finite elasticity, electrodynamics, cancer modeling, etc. In general, the solution of PDEs can be very challenging, depending on the type of equation, the number of independent variables, the boundary and initial conditions, and nonlinearities. Even if we know the theoretical existence and the uniqueness of the solution, it may not be possible to obtain analytical solutions. The only way to get approximate solutions is by using numerical techniques. This workshop offers an introduction to some important numerical methods for linear and non-linear ordinary and partial differential equations, and various numerical discretization techniques for their solution, namely finite difference (FDM), finite volume methods (FVM),finite element methods (FEM), and discontinuous Galerkin methods (DGM). It also includes an introduction to Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Physics Informed Neural Networks (PINNs).

This workshop is intended for Ph.Ds and Postdocs so that they can learn these techniques and use them in their research.

More details and online application: https://www.atmschools.org/school/2022/NCMW/nmpde

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ 2022 online Conference on Nonlinear Science and Complexity on Sept. 26-29, 2022

Important Dates:

  • Submission of Symposium Proposals Deadline March 30, 2022
  • Submission of Abstracts Deadline July 20, 2022
  • Contribution Acceptance Notification August 10, 2022
  • 2022 Conference September 26-29, 2022, Athens Time Zone, Greece
  • Submission of Full-Length Papers Deadline December 31, 2022
  • Peer-Reviews Completed January 30, 2023
  • Revised Paper Resubmission Deadline February 28, 2023
  • Acceptance Notification March 25, 2023

More Details: https://nsc2022.ndc.lhscientificpublishing.com/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ Discussion meeting on zero mean curvature surfaces in the Lorentz-Minkowski space and related areas from 30 Sept. to 3 Oct. 2022.

at Shiv Nadar University NCR Delhi and in ZOOM (HYBRID)

Four-day discussion meetings- in the first three days 12 expert talks, and on the last day- young researcher talk.

The study of zero mean curvature surfaces in R^3 (minimal surface)  has witnessed significant progress since its initiation over 200 years ago. However, the topics of maximal surfaces (ZMC surfaces) in the Lorentz-Minkowski space and ZMC surfaces in hyperbolic spaces are relatively recent. The Geometry@SNU group in the Department of Mathematics is working on Zero Mean Curvature surfaces in the Lorentz–Minkowski space.

Those who want to present their work in this meeting, are requested to share the abstract and article while filling up the form, before the deadline. The first three days are for the invited talks, where the leading expert in the field will speak and the last day is fixed for the Young Researcher’s Talk.

Website link is https://bit.ly/ZMC2022SNU

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ 2nd International Conference on β€œOrthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and Computer Algebra: Applications in Engineering” from October 15th -16th 2022 .

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Venue: Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur, India

It is jointly organized by the Anand International College of Engineering, Anand College, India and International Telematic University (UNINETTUNO), Italy.

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON APPLIED MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES 2022(ICAMS 2022) on November 12 &13, 2022 at Gujarat University.

Last date of Registration: October 10, 2022.

Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1SEB3rKLzyj7RJ6TI–SKEdxxKiEc2dmqURw7E9yPifItwg/viewform



β—† Important Dates:

Last date of abstract submission: August 15, 2022

Notification of acceptance of abstract: August 31, 2022

Last date of registration for the Conference (Attending only): October 31, 2022

Last date of full paper submission: September 05, 2022

Conference-Website Link: https://auts.ac.in/au_event/icepam-22

Full Brochure & Link: https://t.me/pkalika_mathematics/2284

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ ‘International Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and Applications’ on November 22-23, 2022 at ADBU, Guwahati, India

Organized by: Department of Mathematics, School of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia Garden, Sonapur-782402, Assam, India.


  • Advanced Analysis and Applications
  • Control Theory and Applications
  • Dynamic Equations on Time Scale 
  • Difference and Differential Equations.
  • Fixed Point Theory and Applications
  • Fluid Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Nonlinear Analysis in Physical and Life Sciences
  • Modeling in Ecological Systems
  • Dynamical Systems and Fractional Calculus
  • Nonlinear Algebra
  • Applied Graph Theory
  • Analytic Number Theory
  • Optimization Theory
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operator Theory


*Registration fees to be paid after selection of abstract.

Abstract/Paper submission link: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icnaa2022


  • Selected papers presented at the conference, after peer review will be published in the Springer Proceedings of ICNAA-2022
  • Further, High quality selected papers will be published in special issues of Scopus Indexed ESCI/SCIE Journals (Proposal is submitted).

More details: https://conferences.dbuniversity.ac.in/icnaa2022/

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Networks CINE 2022 on December 01-03, 2022

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ 67th Congress of the Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ISTAM), an International Conference (ISTAM-2022) on14-16 December 2022 at IIT Mandi.

Important Dates

Opening of the submission of Abstract:15th May, 2022
Last date of abstract submission:15th August, 2022
Notification of Acceptance:31st August, 2022
Last date of full length paper submission:30th September, 2022
Last date of payment of registration fee:31st October, 2022

More details: https://iitmandi.ac.in/ISTAM2022/

PDF Brochure: https://iitmandi.ac.in/ISTAM2022/ISTAM_Flyer.pdf

πŸ“ŒπŸ†•πŸ”œ International Conference on Mathematics and Computing at BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus on 6-8 JANUARY, 2023.

International Conference on Mathematics and Computing at BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus on 6-8 JANUARY, 2023.
The ICMC 2023 invites manuscripts presenting the original work of researchers from Science, Engineering, and Academia.
Paper Submission Deadline: July 15, 2022
Final Acceptance Notification: September 15, 2022
Camera Ready Submission: September 30, 2022
Conference Dates: January 06-08, 2023
More Details: details please visit https://www.bits-goa.ac.in/ICMC/


β—† Organized by AJMAN UNIVERSITY – UAE

β—† CONFERENCE LINK: https://www.ajman.ac.ae/en/icfda2022


Submission of regular and student papersJanuary 15, 2023
Submission of tutorials and special sessions proposalsJanuary 15, 2023
Notification of acceptanceFebruary 5, 2023
Submission of camera-ready papersFebruary 25, 2023

The ICFDA’22 International Conference on Fractional Differentiation and its Applications is a specialized conference on fractional-order calculus and its applications. It is a generalization of the integer-order ones. The fractional-order differentiation of arbitrary orders takes into account the memory effect of most systems. The order of the derivatives may also be variable, distributed or complex. Recently, fractional-order calculus became a more accurate tool to describe systems in various fields in mathematics, biology, chemistry, medicine, mechanics, electricity, control theory, economics, and signal and image processing.

Note: Once program/event completed or registration closed, we used to remove them within 4 days of completion.

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