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All Notes PDF Center for CSIR-NET, GATE, SET

Handwritten Study Materials and Solutions for CSIR NET & GATE Mathematics. These notes are also useful in preparation of MSc/PhD Entrance Exams, Lecturer and Assistant Professor Exams and TGT/PGT/GIC/GDC Exams. These are handwritten notes for self study, written in easy way so that you can easily understand the concepts (read peoples feedback).

Combined Package (Study Materials, Topic-wise Solutions, Year-Wise Solutions, and Quick revision Notes) for

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I. NET, GATE, JAM, SET, CUCET Study Materials

PDE full Part-1 77Pages Sample 25_1   ODE Full Notes   Integral    LPP  COV (Kalika) 58pages    Numerical with sol    Prob    Prob Dist  Group    Ring Theory    Complex  Real Complete_1    Power Series    Linear Algebra_1     Calculus  Topology (Kalika)114Pages_1    Measure Theory (Kalika)57Pages_1  Functional Analysis (Kalika)83   Metric Space With Solution (Kalika)56Pages_1  Number Theory (Kalika)77Pages_1  Special Functions (Kalika)109Pages_1

II. CSIR-NET & GATE Mathematics Solution

A. Year-wise Solutions

CSIR NET 26 Nov 2020 Sol 95Pages_1   CSIR-NET 2019Dec Sol   2019J Sol    2018Dec sol NET Solution 2019J-2017D 297Pages(Kalika)_1   GATE 2021 Solution (Kalika)56Pages   GATE 2020 Solution (Kalika)73Pages   GATE 2019 35Pages_1   

B. Topic-wise Solutions

Real Sol    Linear Sol    Complex Sol   CSIR Abstract Sol Upto June2019 71Pages_1   Applied Sol     NT, NA, LPP, DS Solutions 79Pages 35_1   GATE 2019-2018 (Kalika)94Pages_1  General Aptitude (kalika)53Page_1

III. Fast/Quick Revision Notes for NET, GATE, SET

Group Theory Quick Revision 112Pages_1   Ring Theory Quick Revision 40Pages_1   Quick revision Real_1  Complex Short notes 28pages_1   Quick revision PDE_1    Quick revision ODE_1    PSC Short Notes

IV. NBHM, CUCET, …etc Mathematics Solution

NBHM PhD 2020 Solution_1    NBHM PhD Sol. 161Pages(Kalika)_1    CUCET 2019 Solution (Kalika) 50Pages_1  cucet-phd-2020-solutions-kalika45pages_1  CUCET MSC 2020 40Pages_1

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