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Those who have followed our notes for CSIR-NET/GATE and other Competitive Exams. Kindly provide your feedback/Comments/Suggestions on our study materials. It will help & motivate us to improve.

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Some feedback on our notes(P Kalika Notes) and YouTube videos.

NameFeedback on P Kalika NotesRating
Sarojini Mohapatra
The short tricks provided in videos and notes are very helpful.9/10
Avinash Roy
It would help the students if there are more videos on specific concepts in the core subjects like real analysis.8/10
Bhupesh Chandra Gupta
Your notes are very useful.8/10
Souvik Mandal
Good study material and previous years solutions r also very nice.helpful specifically for “part c”. Those short tricks given in notes were helpful in exam.10/10
Excellent sir may suggest is each topic give minimum two example and more videos sir I need all notes sir and all videos I searching all videos but I can’t please me help sir I want all videos all topic I can easily understand thank u sir10/10
Every tropic are described very well and examples are good for any competitive exam8/10
Abhimanyoo Karve
Your notes were amazing. They helped me a lot, especially in ODE, CoV and rnig theory.8/10
Asha Rani
Sir your notes are very helpful for me surely this material makes my journey easy specially10/10
Ritu Chauhan
Very helpful8/10
Farooque Ansari
I find these notes very precise and well written plus it has questions solved related to almost every topics . Yes these notes needs to be improved alittle with more tricks and results . Thank you8/10
jyotishman das
notes are very good .. it helps me a lot for preparation9/10
Sudip Das
The handwritten self notes are simply awsome. It teaches how to think in exam hall. For the year-wise solutions I dont have to make an extra effort to collect year-questions and answers as well. Explanations of those answers are simple to understand. The short tricks can save our time in exam hall. In fact I am loving the study materials.9/10
Nima Rose Manjila
Good, but there are (very few) incomplete answers.9/10
Gobinda Debnath
Study material are really good, you can go for it. Video lectures totally depends on your way of digestion subjects from different teacher. See pkalika YouTube as sample.9/10
Prince Bharti
Very helpful notes and informative.10/10

Feedbacks of GATE-2021 Qualified Candidates

NameHow we (P Kalika Maths Team) helped you ?Your feedback/Comments /Feelings ?
Sayan RoyFrom P kalka sir’s telegram group I can get lots of books and materials. We can discuss problem.I am feeling very good. I qualified csir net and gate this year so this is very good for me
Sanket Nemichand TeliPaper were moderate. Cutoff is also according to my expectations but don’t know how this rank is coming low .
S.S.TNo word can say how to help me your telegram channel very helpful some people very active in your telegram channelI am very happy 🥰 to qualify gate exam . your work is great …
Mainul RanaYes sir , your notes and YouTube videos are help me very much .Also your short tricks are excellent.Thank you sir.
MohanYouTubeTq so much!
RAVI MAHLAGreat helping …I watch your YouTube videos in last couple of days.and I also follow your notesGreat feeling
Gobinda DebnathConstant motivation, regularly consistent, well prepared updated notes, problem solving guidance.I have failed before NET/ gate. This is first time i have passed some national exam. I am happy. And thankful to you.
Sounov MarickNot much. Other informative videos not directly related to exam ar more helpful.You are helping me in lot of ways like how to prepare CV, info about things like Orcid ,Latex. It will be great if you provides info about phd interviews in institutes like IIT, IISER , and IISc. Completeing NET and GATE I am a bit lost how to prepare for these interviews.
Gautam KaushikYour Free short but conceptual Youtube videosI just watched your short conceptual videos last 3 days from gate exam and it helped me to boost 6 marks from my weak area in mathematics(i.e calculus)
Rohit Raju MoundekarHelp me a lot I like your notes and lecture on YouTubeFeeling nice
Aakash AhujaThis time was my third attempt, I’m working in private tutorial and married due to lockdown I get time to self study and preperation. Your YouTube video helps somehow and I want to thank you for this. My AIR is 1206 Gate score 411 Marks 32.33 General category
Garima BabbarVideosOne Shot Revision videos were really helpful, I prefer your channel over every other channel on YouTube because your videos are short and to the point, even when they’re long it’s still to the point and I really appreciate that. Thankyou so much Sir.
Paresh kumar PanigrahiYesVery nice
AnjaliBy notes and u tube vedeoNice vedeo content
Bishnu Mohan beheraUr previous year question paper (gate) pdf helped me for practiceI want to give suggestions that believe urself do hardwork and pratice more problem
Sarojini MohapatraOne shot revision videos provided by you before exam were very beneficial ,those videos were very helpful in recalling all important formulas and short tricks to approach solutions. Subject-wise previous year question discussion videos,notes, practice tests were very helpful for me.My heartly thanks to Kalika bhaiya and Munesh di for always supporting, guiding and helping me.
Sanajit PatraYes , I have seen youtube lectures and got help from the telegram group.No sir , i dobt think i am successful, i will do this next year for sure with a good rank , i promise , i will rank within top 30 🤞
Radhanandan MandalSir you are a real motivatorWe are really glad that you always motivate us.
Megha VarshneySir your notes are really amazing , specially real analysis notes. If anyone is doing self preparation for Gate/Net your notes are sufficient for his/her.I got 339 rank in GATE 2021 ..I am feeling good …and special thanks to kalika sir he is very supportive.
ChandranKalika notes will more helpful to crack gate for self studies studentsThanks lots

Readers Thought on P Kalika Notes and Our Services

“Dear admin. I don’t know if within this small space i can express my gratitude to you for developing this website for several important study materials related to mathematics. I am also in telegram group of yours in which you upload several important study materials including previous years question papers. Thanks a lot for such wonderful work. My students are really benefitted from your work. They are studying for m.sc entrance exams and for this, the questions papers of net, nbhm etc have become really helpful for them. Thanks a lot again.

I am an assistant professor AND Head of the dept of mathematics in The Heritage College. There was a time when I was an aspirant of these exams. I do have a collection of their question papers and I will share them with you soon.

Thank you so much for effort once again.

With regards
Anjan Debnath, HOD, Mathematics
THC, Kolkata 700107″
-:Anjan Debnath(08/12/2020 9:31:23)
[Not preparing anything but my students are.] [Rating: 5/5]

“your are doing good job mam..your notes was nice”
-:kashi(01/09/2020 7:45:51)
[CSIR-NET] [Rating: 4/5]

“The most satisfying solutions of each problems with a great description…It really helps a lot “
-:Somnath Dash(18/05/2020 11:39:25)
[CSIR-NET] [Rating: 4/5]

“Your notes helps a lot. I buy previous year solution from you.. that were amazing.”
-:Nitin(14/05/2020 9:32:01)
[PhD Admission] [Rating: 5/5]

“The note is too good.”
-:Jyotirmay Das(14/05/2020 9:02:49)
[CSIR-NET] [Rating: 5/5]

“All notes are very good and approprite CSIR NET.”
-:Chittaranjan Roy(28/04/2020 10:25:35)

[CSIR-NET] [Rating: 5/5]

“These notes are very useful and easy to understand.”
-:Sarojini Mohapatra(20/04/2020 15:31:48)
[CSIR-NET] [Rating: 4/5]

“Notes is good.. because there is no extra theory that confuse us… because if i read so many theories then i definitely get confused so i prefer your notes… where i get exactly what i want…notes is well prepared for both academic or compititive exams… your notes help me to understand the practical use of theories.. i didn’t get by academic studies..but there is one problem that sometimes i didn’t understand some words because of writing but if i think all about content then i recognise the words …anyway I have not measure problem.. thank you for providing us short but useful content of every subject…I am glad that i get your notes…”
-:Rakhee Kumari Gupta(19/04/2020 19:07:31)
[CSIR-NET, M.Sc Mathematics] [Rating: 4/5]

“everything explained in such a way that even a new reader can develop a good knowledge through this notes…each topic contain lods of examples… very easy to understand👍”
-:priya dubey(12/04/2020 10:38:42)
[CSIR-NET, Real Analysis] [Rating: 5/5]

“it is very very helpful and so simple to understand.”
-: Rincy(10/04/2020 16:14:23)
[CSIR-NET, Real Analysis] [Rating: 5/5]

-:Shilpa(10/04/2020 12:14:27)
[JAM/MSc Admission] [Rating: 5/5]

“By studying your material lot confusions were cleared..my application, problem solving skils were improved…thank you so much sir….my only suggestion is pls keep it up…”
-:DRB(18/03/2020 0:28:41)
[CSIR-NET, Trb,Real topology linear] [Rating: 5/5]

“Your notes are very useful as well as i simply understand all the problems.
Your notes are very helpful. “
-:Kajal Mer(17/03/2020 20:00:16
[CSIR-NET, Sol. of real analysis ] [Rating: 5/5]

“Study notes is good”
-:Ashish maurya(17/03/2020 18:52:29)
[CSIR-NET, Real Analysis] [Rating: 5/5]

Jitni praise kru utni kam hai ……”
-:Geeta Bansal(03/02/2020 15:04:17)
[Csir and gate] [Rating: 5/5]

“Sir, excellent notes. you are doing great job. keep going. thanku sir. “
-:mayuri kshirsagar(15/11/2019 15:05:08)
[NET, SET, GATE] [Rating: 5/5]

“Very useful.Thnks a lot to provide notes freely.”
-:Shankari(25/10/2019 8:28:38)
[Net, Set] [Rating: 5/5]

Kalika Ma’am .
You are doing a very good job.
All the notes provided by you, are very helpful to me .
Thank you so much for all the CSIR NET notes provided by you .
Once again thank you very much.”

-: Pʀᴀᴋʜᴀʀ Mɪsʜʀᴀ (By email, Sep 4, 2019, 4:51 PM)

“Dear madam
By First of all i would like to thank you for the notes you provided on WordPress. I am a student of “Honors Mathematics” and i am preparing for iit jam 2020. I have read your notes on real analysis, algebra and number theory. Those are really helpful for me.

Syllabus of INTEGRAL CALCULUS, VECTOR CALCULUS AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS are still left to be covered. So can you please do me a favor of providing notes in your website (if you have). I shall be thankful to you. Future IIT Student, Suman K.”

(By email, Sep 1, 2019 12:36 PM)

“Sir,, your notes are really highly appretiable, I feel so lucky to have your notes ,, sir plz send me numerical analysis notes and metric space notes, I will be feel highly obliged to you!!!
-:Priya Chauhan(By email, Jun 3, 2019 06:51 AM)

“Ur notes r excellent it contains a lot of material which is not in any book & not even in some coaching notes, Plz can u snd me ur inner product notes & real uniform continuity & uniform convergence I will be highly obliged to u & may u achieve the biggest in ur life”
-:Neelam Painuly(By email, Jun 2, 2019 07:27 PM)


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