Que. Papers of CSIR-NET, GATE, JAM, CUCET, BHU, NBHM, IIT, …etc

Previous Year Que. Papers (Maths & Stats.) of CSIR-NET, GATE, CUCET, BHU, TIFR, NBHM, IITs, …etc. Practice these Questions for your entrance exams. It will be very very helpful in your preparation, no need to try new questions or any test series, these collections are more than sufficient.

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Questions Paper of NET, GATE & Ph.D. Entrances

  1. CSIR-NET Mathematics Que. Paper with Ans. Key (2022-2011): Download Here
  2. GATE Mathematics Que Paper+Ans(2022-2010): Download PDF
  3. GATE-2022 Maths Que. paper with Ans. key: Download PDF
  4. CUCET Ph.D. Maths Que. Paper+Ans (2020-2016): Download PDF
  5. Delhi University PhD Entrance Test(2015-2019): Download PDF
  6. JNU PhD Mathematics Que. Papers (2018-2010): Download PDF
  7. IIT Bombay Ph.D. Screening Test(Dec 2015-May 2019): Download PDF
  8. IIT Kanpur PhD Screening Test(Dec 2015-May 2019): Uploading Soon
  9. IISc Banglore Int. PhD Test(169Pages): Download PDF
  10. ISI PhD Entrance Test(2015-2019): Uploading Soon
  11. NBHM PhD Que Paper+Ans (2020-2005): Download PDF
  12. ISI PhD Admission Que Paper (2019-2014): Uploading Soon
  13. BHU RET Maths Que Paper(99Pages): Download PDF
  14. SAU PhD Admission Que. Paper (118Pages): Download PDF
  15. TIFR Mathematics Que Paper (2020-2010): Download PDF
  16. University of Hyderabad(Central University): Uploading Soon
  17. P Kalika Practices Sets: Download Practice Paper
  18. Others: On Demand if available

Questions Paper of  MSc Entrance exams

  1. JAM Mathematics(2021-2005, 293Pages): PDF Download
  2. BHU PET Que Paper(Maths, 232Pages): Download PDF
  3. BHU PET Que Paper(Statistics, 98Pages): Download PDF
  4. CMI PG Entrance Papers(2010-2019): Uploading Soon
  5. CUCET MSc Maths Que. Paper(2019-2016): Download PDF
  6. NBHM MSc Que Paper(2019-2008): Uploading Soon
  7. University of Delhi(2019-2014, 97Pages): Download PDF
  8. University of Hyderabad(Central University): Download PDF
  9. Others: Uploading Soon

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