Learn LaTeX with P Kalika (From very beginning)

An initiative towards learning. Don’t worry, no need of any programming skill. We have started from very beginning and for practice purpose we also uploaded some symbols and content writing. You may practice them.

Recorded videos for your practice purpose: Click here

Contents for “LaTeX Learning”

Bemar(Presentation) in LaTeXDownload .tex File & Download PDF
LaTeX Practice-1LaTeX Short Math Guide Download
LaTeX Practice-2LaTeX_Symbols Download
LaTeX Practice-3Math into LaTeX Download
LaTeX Practice-4Latex All SymbolsDownload
DescriptionDownload .Tex File
LaTeX Workshop (Day-1):Download File (tex & PDF)
LaTeX Workshop (Day-2):Download .tex file and Download PDF
LaTeX Workshop (Day-3):Download .tex File and Download PDF

Videos of LaTeX Learning

Lecture-0: Preliminary Session

Lecture-1: Introduction, Basics & Text formatting in Latex

Lecture-2: Mathematical Contents & Paper Writing in Latex

Lecture-3: Text formatting, Symbols, Citation & Bibliography

Lecture-4: Learn How to prepare Presentation in LaTeX || Learning Beamer: Each and Every aspects

Live Demonstration of LaTex Setup: Watch Here

LaTex PlatformFree Download Link
MikeTeX (Distribution of the TeX/LaTeX)Download here
TeXstudio (Typesetting) (Best)Download here
TeX Live (Typesetting)Download here
Overleaf(Online LaTeX)Use Here

“I do not teach anyone I only provide the environment in which they can learn” -:― Albert Einstein

Our upcoming programs/workshop:

  • Matlab and Sci-Lab
  • Python
  • SageMath
  • Mathematica
  • Jupyter …. etc
  • Cyber Security: Practical Demonstration and Security strength
  • Cryptography: Mathematics, Career and Future Scopes

Note: Those who wish to conduct a workshop on “LaTeX Learning” in their institution/college/university may contact us on maths.whisperer@gmail.com.

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