CSIR-NET Mathematics Latest Solutions (Topic-wise & Year-wise)

Handwritten Solutions of CSIR-NET Mathematics Prev. Yr. Que. Papers (Upto February 2022) are available here. Very very helpful in the preparation of CSIR-NET, SET, GATE, PSC, …. and other equivalent exams. Self-preparation materials (No need for any coaching). Work is in progress.

  1. Sol. of Abstract algebra(Upto Feb-2022, Pages:119): Download PDF
  2. Sol. of Complex Analysis(Upto Feb-2022, Pages:138): Download PDF
  3. Sol. of Linear algebra(Upto Feb-2022, Pages:228): Download PDF
  4. Sol. of NT, NA, LPP & DS (Upto 2022, Pages:156)Download PDF
  5. Sol. of ODE, PDE, IE & COV(Upto Feb-2022, Pages:227): Download PDF
  6. Sol. of Real Analysis(Upto Feb-2022, Pages:226): Download PDF
  7. General Aptitude Solution (GATE 2021-2016 & CSIR NET 26 Nov 2020): Download PDF
  8. Combined Solutions (All above Sr. No. 1 – 6): Click Here

CSIR-NET Year-wise Complete Solution

  1. CSIR NET Feb 2022: Download Here
  2. CSIR-NET Nov. 2020: Download Here
  3. CSIR-NET Dec. 2019: Download Here
  4. CSIR-NET June 2019: Download PDF
  5. CSIR-NET Dec. 2018: Download PDF
  6. CSIR-NET June 2018: Download PDF
  7. CSIR NET Combined Solutions of
    • 2017D, 2018J, 2018D, 2019J, 2019D & 2020N & 2022F: Download Here

Other Exams Solution:

Note: For  ALL-IN-ONE Package/Multiple Notes, Study Material contact us on maths.whisperer@gmail.com.

Previous Yr. Que. Papers Collection:

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