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Functional Analysis for NET/GATE/SET


Functional Analysis handwritten study material for CSIR-NET/GATE/SET/PSC…etc Download PDF

Suggested book Readings:
1. Functional Analysis by P. K. Jain, Khalil Ahmad  & O. P. Ahuja.
2. Functional analysis by Balmohan Vishnu Limaye
3. Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis by Elias M. Stein and Rami Shakarchi

Author: P. Kalika

Mr. Kalika is pursuing Ph.D. in Cryptography. Formerly, he is an alumnus of University of Delhi(UG) and Central University of Rajasthan(PG).

2 thoughts on “Functional Analysis for NET/GATE/SET

  1. I am uttam matre from nagpur Maharastra. I need an hand written notes of statistics and probability, I think you have a related note or material’s then upload in your website as soon as possible.or send at email address matreuttam11@gmail.com. in PDF format

    Thanking you
    Uttam matre

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