Mathematics topic-wise Solutions

Solutions of CSIR-NET Mathematics Prev. Yr. Papers(Upto Dec-2019) is available here:-

  1. Solution of NT, NA, LPP & DS(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
  2. Solution of Complex Analysis(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
  3. Solution of Linear algebra(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
  4. Solution of Abstract algebra(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
  5. Solution of Real Analysis(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
  6. Solution of Integral Equation(110Pages): Download PDF
  7. Solution of ODE, PDE, IE & COV(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF

CSIR-NET Year wise Complete Solution

  1. CSIR-NET Dec-2019: Download Here
  2. CSIR-NET June-2019: Download PDF
  3. CSIR-NET Dec-2018: Download PDF
  4. CSIR-NET June-2018Download PDF
  5. Combined Solutions of 2017D, 2018J, 2018D & 2019J: Download Here

Previous Yr. Que. Papers Collection:

  • MSc Entrance(JAM, CUCET, BHU, UoH, …etc): Download PDF
  • NET, GATE & PhD Entrance(NBHM, CUCET, DU, …etc): Download PDF
  • Download and practice these Papers as your practice set.

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21 thoughts on “Mathematics topic-wise Solutions

  1. Sir by studying the course material available here can we expect the full syllabus of NET to be covered? we don’t need to read any other things ?


  2. Thank you so much P.kalika for providing us soltions of previous years papers and complete notes for NET exam.

    I am appreciating your wide knowledge in Mathematics

    May God Bless you.

    Dr B Senthilnathan


    1. Kindly upload Abstract algebra year wise solutions as soon as possible.. your notes are very useful to prepare for CSIR-NET exam. Thank you sir.


      1. Most of problems of NET/GATE has been solved in my Abstract Algebra Notes, you may check them.
        However, I will try to upload a separate solution for abstract algebra.


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