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CSIR-NET (Maths) Topic-wise & Year-wise Solutions

Handwritten Solutions of CSIR-NET Mathematics Prev. Yr. Que. Papers (Upto November-2020) are available here. Very very helpful in the preparation of CSIR-NET, SET, GATE, PSC, …. and other equivalent exams. Self-preparation materials(No need for any coaching).

Note: CSIR NET(JRF) June-2020 exam was held in Nov-2020 and June-2021 will be held in Feb 2022.

  1. General Aptitude Solution (CSIR-NET 26 Nov 2020 & GATE 2021-2016): Download PDF
  2. Sol. of Abstract algebra(Upto Nov-2020, Pages:107): Download PDF
  3. Sol. of Complex Analysis(Upto June-2020, Pages:118): Download PDF
  4. Sol. of Linear algebra(Upto Nov-2020, Pages:205): Download PDF
  5. Sol. of NT, NA, LPP & DS (Upto 2021, Pages:118)Download PDF
  6. Sol. of ODE, PDE, IE & COV(Upto Nov 2020, Pages:205): Download PDF
  7. Sol. of Real Analysis(Upto Nov-2020, Pages:210): Download PDF
  8. Combined Solutions (All above Sr. No. 2 – 7): Click Here

CSIR-NET Year wise Complete Solution

  1. CSIR-NET 26 Nov 2020: Download Here
  2. CSIR-NET Dec-2019: Download Here
  3. CSIR-NET June-2019: Download PDF
  4. CSIR-NET Dec-2018: Download PDF
  5. CSIR-NET June-2018: Download PDF
  6. Combined Solutions of 2017D, 2018J, 2018D, 2019J, 2019D & 2020Nov Download Here
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FREE Video Lectures for self-preparation of CSIR-NET, GATE, SET, Lecturer and Asst. Professor Exams.

Here we are providing FREE video crash courses for CSIR NET and GATE for self preparing students. These crash course videos are also useful in preparation NBHM MSc Exam, NBHM PhD Exam, TIFR Mathematics, CUCET, Assistant Professor, Lecturer & other equivalent MSc/PhD Entrance Exams. You need to only focus on understanding concept and tricks explained in these videos. PDF version of each topics for study materials and solutions are available (Check Here).

For any doubt or Query regarding handwritten notes, mail us at maths.whisperer@gmail.com

◆ Solutions of CSIR-NET, GATE, NBHM & TIFR

◆ Topic-wise/Subject-wise Video Crash Courses

Work is under process, more videos on solutions and crash courses will be added, keep connected. Join our YouTube channel P Kalika Maths for notifications and videos.

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NBHM PhD Scholarship Scheme 2021: Important Dates, Eligibility Criteria, Question Papers & Related Queries.

  • Exam Date: August 18, 2021
  • Selection procedure for the scholarship

    Candidates shall be shortlisted for an interview based on their performance in the test. Final selection for the scholarship shall primarily be on the basis of performance in the test and the subsequent interview, although the selection committee may take into account other aspects of the candidate’s academic track record.

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    CSIR-NET, GATE, MSc/PhD Exams Notes Center (Handwritten Notes)

    I. CSIR-NET, GATE, JAM, SET Study Materials

    Group  Ring Theory  Calculus for GATE JAM, SET 85Pages(Kalika)_1  Complex  Real Complete_1   Power Series   Linear Algebra_1  Number Theory 76Pages(Kalika)_1  Numerical with sol 61Pages  PDE full Part-1 77Pages Sample 25_1  Integral   Topology 92pages by Kalika_1  LPP   COV (Kalika) 58pages   Functional Analysis by 58pages(Kalika)_1   Prob  Prob Dist        

    II. Quick Revision Notes for NET, GATE, SET, NBHM

    Group Theory Quick Revision 112Pages_1   Ring Theory Quick Revision 40Pages_1  Quick revision Real_1  Complex Short notes 28pages_1  Quick revision PDE_1    Quick revision ODE_1  

    III. CSIR-NET Sol. (Year-wise & Topic Wise)

    2019J Sol  2018Dec sol  2018J Sol  NET Solution 2019J-2017D 297Pages(Kalika)_1   Real Sol    Linear Sol  Complex Sol  CSIR Abstract Sol Upto June2019 71Pages_1  Applied Sol  NT, NA, LPP, DS Solutions 79Pages 35_1   GATE 2019 35Pages_1  GATE 2019-2018 (Kalika)94Pages_1

    Note: For  ALL-IN-ONE Package/Multiple Notes, Study Material write us on maths.whisperer@gmail.com.

    Feedbacks on Our Notes: https://pkalika.in/feedback-on-notes/


    Abstract Algebra & Linear Algebra

    Abstract/Modern Algebra

    1. Abstract-1 (Group Theory): Download PDF
    2. Abstract-2 (Ring Theory): (Sample PDF) Buy Now
    3. Sylow Thm, Simple & Solvable Group(Free): Download PDF
    4. Quick Revision Notes(Group Theory): Download PDF
    5. Quick Revision Notes(Ring Theory):  Download PDF
    6. CSIR-NET Abstract Algebra Solution(Upto Nov-2020): Download PDF

    Linear Algebra

    1. Linear Algebra Full Notes: Download PDF
    2. Linear Algebra Quick Revision(Sample): Download PDF
    3. CSIR-NET Linear Algebra Solution(Upto Nov-2020): Download PDF

    Check All Study Materials: NET-GATE Notes PDF Center

    Important Links:


    Mathematics topic-wise Solutions

    Solutions of CSIR-NET Mathematics Prev. Yr. Papers(Upto Dec-2019) is available here:-

    1. Solution of NT, NA, LPP & DS(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
    2. Solution of Complex Analysis(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
    3. Solution of Linear algebra(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
    4. Solution of Abstract algebra(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
    5. Solution of Real Analysis(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF
    6. Solution of Integral Equation(110Pages): Download PDF
    7. Solution of ODE, PDE, IE & COV(Upto Dec-2019): Download PDF

    CSIR-NET Year wise Complete Solution

    1. CSIR-NET Dec-2019: Download Here
    2. CSIR-NET June-2019: Download PDF
    3. CSIR-NET Dec-2018: Download PDF
    4. CSIR-NET June-2018Download PDF
    5. Combined Solutions of 2017D, 2018J, 2018D & 2019J: Download Here

    Previous Yr. Que. Papers Collection:

    • MSc Entrance(JAM, CUCET, BHU, UoH, …etc): Download PDF
    • NET, GATE & PhD Entrance(NBHM, CUCET, DU, …etc): Download PDF
    • Download and practice these Papers as your practice set.

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    Year-wise Complete Solution

    CSIR-NET Year-wise Complete Solution.
    It will be very very helpful in the preparation of CSIR-NET examination. By solving these sets, you will get to know about important topics and trick for your examinations.

    1. CSIR-NET Dec-2019: Download PDF
    2. CSIR-NET June-2019: Download PDF
    3. CSIR-NET Dec-2018: Download PDF
    4. CSIR-NET June-2018: Download Sample PDF
    5. CSIR-NET Dec-2017: Download Sample PDF

    Download all above CSIR-NET Solutions(2017D, 2018J, 2018D, 2019J): Download PDFs

    GATE Year-wise Complete Solution.
    It will be very very helpful in the preparation of the upcoming GATE examination. By solving these sets, you will get to know about important topics and trick for your examinations.

    1. GATE 2020(Mathematics Solutions): Uploading soon
    2. GATE 2019 & 2018(Mathematics Solutions): Download PDF

    Important Link:  CSIR NET Topic-wise SolutionsGATE & JAM Study Materials & NET-GATE Study Material


    Handwritten Study Materials for CSIR-NET, GATE, SET, JAM, PCS, MSc/PhD Exams

    The subject-wise handwritten Latest study materials for CSIR-NET, GATE, SET, JAM, NBHM, TIFR, PSC, CUCET, BHU, …etc are available here.

    1. Abstract AlgebraCLICK HERE
    2. Calculus: Download PDF
    3. Calculus of Variation: Download PDF
    4. Complex Analysis:  CLICK HERE
    5. Functional Analysis: Download PDF
    6. Integral Equation with Solutions: Download PDF
    7. Linear Algebra(VVICLICK HERE
    8. Linear Programming with Sol. (Sample PDF): Buy Now
    9. Markov Chain with Solution: Click Here
    10. Measure Theory study material: Download Here
    11. Metric Space: Download Here
    12. Number Theory with Sol.: Download PDF
    13. Numerical Analysis with Sol.: Download PDF
    14. Probability & Prob. Distribution: Download Here
    15. Ordinary Differential Equations: Download PDF
    16. Partial Differential Equation: Download PDF
    17. Real Analysis(VVI)CLICK HERE
    18. Sum of Series, Power Series & ROC: Download Here
    19. Topology: Download PDF

    For INSTANT Downloading any PDF Visit Here.

    Important Link: Fast Revision Notes for CSIR-NET, GATE, JAM, CSIR NET Mathematics Solution and Practice Set For NET, GATE, SET & JAM

    Not only read theory & solve problems but also make a strategy for exam a/c to your preparation. Keep in mind that, it is not necessary to solve all problems in exam, your guessing power should also be strong which comes by solving a lot of problems.

    CSIR-NET Exam Tips/Trick for scoring marks easily: Visit Here

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    GATE(MA) Problems & Solutions

    Collection of GATE Maths Paper(2020-2010, 187 Pages): Download PDF
    Year-wise Solution
    GATE-2020 Complete: Download PDF
    GATE-2019 Complete: Download PDF
    OR, GATE 2019 & 2018  Solution: Buy Now

    Topic-wise Solution(Under Process)

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