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NBHM PhD Scholarship Scheme 2021: Important Dates, Eligibility Criteria, Question Papers & Related Queries.

  • Exam Date: August 18, 2021
  • Selection procedure for the scholarship

    Candidates shall be shortlisted for an interview based on their performance in the test. Final selection for the scholarship shall primarily be on the basis of performance in the test and the subsequent interview, although the selection committee may take into account other aspects of the candidate’s academic track record.

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    TIFR Graduate School Admissions (GS-2021)

    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research PhD & Int. PhD Admissions (GS-2021)

    GS2021: Selection Process for Mathematics

    Selection process for admission in 2021 to the various programs in Mathematics at the TIFR centers – namely, the PhD and Integrated PhD programs at TIFR, Mumbai as well as the programs conducted by TIFR CAM, Bengaluru and ICTS, Bengaluru – will be held in two stages.
    Stage I. A nation-wide test will be conducted in various centers on March 7, 2021. For the PhD and Integrated PhD programs at the Mumbai Center, this test will comprise the entirety of Stage I of the evaluation process. For more precise details about Stage I of the selection process at other centers (TIFR CAM, Bengaluru, and ICTS, Bengaluru) we refer you to the websites of those centers.
    The nation-wide test on March 7 will be an objective test of three hours duration, with 20 multiple choice questions and 20 true/false questions. The score in this test will serve as qualification marks for a student to progress to the second step of the evaluation process. The cut-off marks for a particular program will be decided by the TIFR center handling that program. Additionally, some or all of the centers may consider the score in Stage I (in addition to the score in Stage II) towards making the final selection for the graduate program in 2021.
    Stage II. The second stage of the selection process varies according to the program and the center. More details about this stage will be provided at a later date

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    JNU Entrance Exam- 2020

    Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination (JNUEE)-2020 Information Bulletin: Download Here
    Registration Starts: March 02, 2020
    Last date: April 30, 2020(Extended)
    Admit card: April 30, 2020
    Exam Date: May 11 -14, 2020

    Online Application: Apply Here

    Results(tentatively): 31 May 2020
    Note: The Test will be conducted in the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode only by NTA.

    JNU PhD Maths Prev. Yr. Que. Papers: Download PDF
    JNU MSc Maths Prev. Yr. Que. Papers: Download PDF


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    NBHM MSc & NBHM PhD Prev. Year Question Papers and Answer Keys

    Here, We are providing Que. Paper in Compiled and Individual Form. You may download anyone as on your interest. For preparation, I suggest along with your study also do problems of Prev. Yr. Questions.

    For NBHM PhD Solutions, Eligibility, Interviews and Other Queries: Click here

    NBHM PhD Que Papers(2021-2005) with Ans. Key: Download PDF


    NBHM PhD Scholarship Test Que. Papers & Keys

    1. NBHM PhD 2022: The exam will be held in June 2022.
    2. NBHM PhD 2021 Que with Ans Key
    3. NBHM PhD 2020 Que with Ans Key
    4. June 2005Key June 2005
    5. February 2006Key Feb. 2006
    6. January 2007Key Jan. 2007
    7. February 2008Key Feb. 2008
    8. January 2009Key Jan. 2009
    9. January 2010Key Jan. 2010
    10. January 2011Key Jan. 2011
    11. January 2012Key Jan. 2012
    12. January 2013Key Jan. 2013
    13. January 2014Key Jan. 2014
    14. January 2015Key Jan. 2015
    15. January 2016Key Jan. 2016
    16. January 2017Key Jan. 2017
    17. January 2018Key Jan. 2018
    18. January 2019Key Jan. 2019

    NBHM MA/MSc Scholarship Test Que. Papers & Keys

    1. October 2005Key Oct. 2005
    2. September 2006Key Sep. 2006
    3. September 2007Key Sep. 2007
    4. September 2008Key Sep. 2008
    5. September 2009Key Sep. 2009
    6. September 2010Key Sep. 2010
    7. September 2011Key Sep. 2011
    8. September 2012Key Sep. 2012
    9. September 2013Key Sep. 2013
    10. September 2014Key Sep. 2014
    11. September 2015Key Sep. 2015
    12. September 2016Key Sep. 2016
    13. September 2017Key Sep. 2017
    14. September 2018Key Sep. 2018
    15. NBHM MSc 2019 with Ans. Key
    16. NBHM MSc 2020: The test was not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    17. NBHM MSc 2021: The exam will be held in June 2022.

    NBHM PhD Solution: Download Solution